Collection: Clay Badge Reels

Welcome to our Badge Reel Collection, a dynamic assortment of retractable badge reels designed to express your personality while keeping your ID securely in place. Our collection showcases a variety of unique designs, ranging from oversized hearts and positive sayings like "be kind," to embossed paw prints, delicate snowflakes, and beautiful marbled colors. We also feature glittering sparkles and coffee-printed pieces, adding a playful touch to your everyday workwear. Each badge reel is equipped with a heavy-duty nylon cord and a secure alligator clip, ensuring that your ID stays in place all day or night. Handcrafted with care and precision, our Badge Reel Collection offers a fun and fashionable alternative to standard ID holders. Whether you're a healthcare worker, office professional, or student, our Badge Reel Collection provides a stylish solution for showcasing your ID with flair. Brighten up your workspace and add a dash of personality to your day with our Badge Reel Collection.