Our Story

You might be wondering about the name – it's more than just a title; it's a cherished memory and a continuous source of inspiration.

It's all about a special journey I take whenever I visit this one particular Florida beach town. Starting from a cozy, harborside condo, the path leads me all the way down to the beautiful, white sands of the Gulf Coast. It's on this walk, this journey from Harbor to Gulf, that I feel at ease and my mind goes wild with crafting ideas.

So, when it came time to name my business, "Harbor to Gulf" just clicked. It perfectly encapsulates where I find my joy and creativity. I wanted to share a piece of that happiness and tranquility with you through each product you see here.

Whether it’s a pair of earrings, a badge reel, crocheted dishcloths, hand towels or plushies, "Harbor to Gulf" has something for everyone and we cannot wait for YOU to be part of the H2G family!

Thanks for stopping by and being a part of my "Harbor to Gulf" journey!