Welcome to Harbor to Gulf

Welcome to the vibrant, handcrafted universe of Harbor to Gulf - a place where creativity, personal expression, and careful craftsmanship merge. Led by our artisan, Colleen, we specialize in curating a captivating array of polymer clay and crochet creations, each embodying our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and love for handmade artistry.

Immerse yourself in our diverse collection of polymer clay earrings, badge reels, and tumbler charms, each piece thoughtfully designed to add a dash of individuality and charm. Delve into our crochet catalog, boasting practical dish cloths, towels, scrubbies, and towel holders, as well as enchanting plushies, engaging fidgets, and playful backpack pulls/keychains.

At Harbor to Gulf, we celebrate your passion and enthusiasm for game day and holidays. You'll find many of our items adorned in vibrant game day colors and holiday themes, perfect for celebrating your favorite team or season. We also offer pre-packaged, color-coordinated gift sets, expertly curated for easy and convenient gift-giving. They make perfect presents for family, friends, coworkers, or even a special treat for yourself!

With a price range designed to fit every budget, Harbor to Gulf is your go-to destination for affordable, high-quality handmade gifts that charm the eye and touch the heart. Celebrate the joy of handcrafted artistry with Harbor to Gulf, and let our creations add a dash of joy to your everyday life!